Short cut

  • Starting point: pre-cut label stacks
  • End product: square cut, banded label stacks
  • Single-, double- and triple banding
  • Possibility for in-line set-up with upstream process
  • Short and easy set-up

Field of application

  • Square cut labels (can, beer, wine, food, tags, etc.)
  • Other products 
  • Automation in the packaging field
  • For small to large volume production

Fact Sheet


Blumer’s knowhow in label finishing, combined with Bandall’s advanced vacuum controlled banding technology, makes this machine to an always ready and reliable instrument for every label finishing department.


The Labelbander, placed in most cases in-line with any existing guillotine, takes over the banding process of all cut to stacks products. Regardless if the machine is placed on the left or on the right side of the guillotine, the cutting machine operator moves the stacks comfortably in any desired load size onto the in-feed table of the Labelbander. From there everything goes automatically: a pusher moves the stacks forward, separates them to a single row and finally pushes stack by stack into the banding unit.


During the banding process an adjustable pressure bar can be used to hold the stacks down in order to avoid any movements of the top labels and to ensure a very tight banding, regardless if transparent film- or PE-coated paperband is used. Depending on the size, the stacks can be double- or triple- banded. After the banding process the tightly banded piles can be boxed right away, or can be pushed onto a conveyor which brings the products to an automated sorting and/or packaging system.


The Labelbander 24 is an ideal banding solution for small to large size production runs. In order to achieve the highest possible degree of automation we recommend alternatively to the Labelbander 24 the use of an ATLAS-1200 or an ATLAS-40 which is combining the cutting and banding process for any size of square cut labels.

Standard banding material 
Paper band brown 28mm/800m
Paper band white 28mm/800m
OPP film transparent 28mm/1'500m